NEW YORK (AP) — Stephen Curry has shot his way to the top of the NBA record book for 3-pointers.

Curry hit his 2,974th 3-pointer Tuesday night in the first quarter of the Golden State Warriors’ game against the New York Knicks, breaking the record set by Ray Allen.

Curry scored the winning shot with 7 minutes remaining. As he ran backwards down the court, he waved his arms in the direction of the sky while waving at the stars. Curry then called timeout after the Warriors committed a foul. Curry and Draymond Green exchanged hugs, as did Allen’s family.

Curry is often considered the league’s greatest shooter, and the numbers back him up. He already owns two of the top three seasons for 3-pointers ― including the only season with 400 3s ― and now has the career record Allen had held since passing Reggie Miller in 2011.

Curry broke the record on Madison Square Garden. Curry made 11 3-pointers, scoring 54 points and was one of his early career highlights. He’s gone on to win two MVP awards and three championships while becoming one of the biggest, most popular stars in the game.

“Steph appeals to everyone, not just hardcore fans who look at his 3-point percentage,” Kerr said before the game. “I think fans are attracted to him just because of his humility and his story and how hard he’s had to work, so from that standpoint it transcends sports somewhat.

“I just think it’s a great testament to someone who is gifted but who has earned everything through work beyond the gifts that he was given.”

None of Curry’s stardom was guaranteed when he entered the league in 2009 as the No. 7 selection from Davidson. Davidson is not a powerhouse basketball school that tends to produce top-level players.

He led the long-distance revolution by combining his unmatched combination shooting and dribbling skills. The 3-pointer has become a powerful weapon. He has led the league in 3-pointers six times and is well on his way to a seventh for a resurgent Warriors team that again has the league’s best record.



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