“Weird Al” YankovicWants everyone to understand that he was innocent of any wrongdoing. Kid Rock’s latest ranty video.

Yankovic Tweeted:

Kid Rock’s new song and video, “Don’t Tell Me How to Live,” is an attack on “snowflakes.”

But the extensive list of complaints makes Kid Rock look like a snowflake himself as he rages against “millennials.”

“Talkin’ all that bullshit!” he whines into the camera near the start of the song.

Yankovic is also seen flying around with a huge finger strewn across his body while shooting a gun. Many commenters laughed at Yankovic’s parody. (May contain NSFW language or images.

“You nailed it, Weird Al!” wrote one.

“Finally a new weird Al video!” wrote another.

Yankovic’s response on Twitter had fans in stitches:

Source: HuffPost.com.

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