Nancy Reagan, the deceased former first lady with the petite frame and grandmotherly catchphrase against the ’80s Uzi drive-by drug wars, was doing just fine resting in peace before Ben Shapiro’s sister decided to invoke her name to slut-shame Madonna.

First, I know what you’re thinking, and I’m thinking it too: Ben Shapiro has a sister?! For years I assumed that Shapiro ― much like Jared Kushner, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, and this guy ― was a Republican war robot made from hatred and bigotry, whose sole mission was to infiltrate young white men’s thoughts. However, a sun-worn Birkenstock and an old cheerleading boot helped it to work long enough to make Shapiro and her sister.

Abby Shapiro, a woman who is a saintly lady of God, decided on the ninth of December to make a comparison with Nancy Reagan to try to shame her.

It’s all because of a woman who has autonomy and agency posted images of her scantily clad 63-year-old body. Madonna was seen as the exact opposite of a suave white woman of a certain era.

Abby Shapiro did not check Carfax. If she had done this, she would have seen that Nancy Reagan was like many of us.

The (gasp!) sexual (gasp!) past.

[faints holding rosary beads]

[ghost of Stephen continues typing]

According to an excerpt from Kitty Kelley’s “Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography” published in 1992, Nancy had quite the youth before settling down with old Ron. I won’t be posting said excerpt here, but it claimed that a grown woman engaged in consensual sex acts with grown men.

Twitter did a great job with it and dragged Nancy Reagan through social media. It’s safe to say the intent of Abby Shapiro’s tweet (classy vs. trashy) blew up in her face. However, the response and subsequent tweets clearly showed the emotions of many when we learned that Abby, the buttoned up Republican and a model for boring people, was actually very busy before she became Mrs. Reagan.

Is that a noise you can hear? It’s the shattering of the purity illusion that Nancy didn’t ask for but totally played into. America does this. This takes all the joy out of life. It requires that hetero men be cisgendered and women only go one way. We are all Neanderthals.

For some reason, we are obsessed with women’s sexual pasts. You can find gossip columns full of speculation about who’s dating whom. I am aware that Kim Kardashian has been dating Pete some-or-other. I’m disgusted by this knowledge. I don’t want to know this. I can’t not know this. But Nancy Reagan is serving almost a dual purpose here; she’s an interesting study in sexism, ageism, culture, and the right’s unrelenting shaming of women’s sexuality.

America is rooted in slut-shaming and the patriarchal premise that no woman can have more than one sex partner, and said sex could’ve only happened in high school and the boy must live in another town and preferably another state. So preoccupied are we with feminine virtues that some women even adopt a male-centric view on chastity in order to shame others.

It’s a part of the American tenet, so much so that it’s in the Ten Commandments: “Thou shalt not covet the songs of Cardi B.” We are so concerned with the sexual history of individual women that it’s deemed appropriate to report on. What does Kamala Harris’ dating life have to do with her being vice president? There’s nothing. She’s been married since 2013, yet when she was on the presidential campaign trail, several publications posted articles like “Kamala Harris’s Boyfriends & Dating History: Who Has She Dated? and “Roseanne Barr says Kamala Harris ‘slept her way to the bottom.’Knowing the body count and dating history of women is something we love to know. It tells us a lot about our moral character. This gives us insight into the person they are.

We also believe it puts them at a table in the cafeteria where they’re not sitting with us. While I wish we could claim that we’re above cafeteria politics, which permeated high school life, we don’t. America is basically a nation of pimply teens in ill-fitting clothes trying to stake a claim to “cool” while whispering rumors about someone we barely know. If only we can point the finger at someone who should be ashamed, then we hope to steal the spotlight from ourselves.

“For the root of this we have to go to the original tweet that was meant to shame Madonna,” said Michelle Hope, a sexpert, educator and activist whose life’s work consists of, but is not limited to, healthy conversations about sex. “I think we also have to look at who Madonna was up against: Nancy Reagan. Look at Ronald Reagan and Nancy’s views on the AIDS epidemic and look at what Madonna did during that time; she put her career on the line.”

“We got lost in the hypersexualization of Nancy Reagan and we lost the bigger picture, the hypocrisy,” she said. “We lost hundreds of thousands of people to AIDS under her and her husband’s presidency.”

It’s true. Reagan’s administration was able to witness the destruction that AIDS had caused. In reality, the first reported AIDS death in the U.S. was a few months after Ronald Reagan took officeIt is a paradox. took some four years and 5,000 deaths for the 40th president to even mention the word “AIDS,” much less acknowledge those who had lost their lives to the virus. But don’t let me tell it ― let’s hear it from a left-leaning communist rag Similar to Teen Vogue:

An obituary will include the following: Slate remembered Nancy as Reagan’s “protector” and the “greatest guardian of her husband’s reputation.” With that kind of influence over her husband, Nancy could likely have encouraged the president to speak out about the disease that was killing their country’s citizens. It’s not as though she was shy about the issues plaguing the country at that time.

So yes, be like Nancy Reagan ― which is to say, be like most conservative women, who have sexual pasts they don’t discuss. These are the people who suppress that portion of their past without judgement, and then judge it later. Shame on those who speak loudly to get up.

Because that’s all that was happening here. Abby Shapiro had to be happy about her self. The only problem was she posted two women whose lives weren’t really that far apart, and somewhere between those ladies who were supposed to be diametrically opposed, you could find the rest of us, clutching pearls and looking online to see who has the best prices on fainting couches.


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