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From padded bike leggings that’ll save your Peloton-riding butt to a mug that’ll magically keep your coffee warm (even after you’ve ignored it for far too long), there’s something for everyone here. Take a look at our favorite things ― we hope they can bring you as much joy as they did us.

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A smart Ember thermo control smart mug
As a mom of two — a toddler and a baby — by the time I had a chance to drink my morning coffee it would end up being lukewarm or cold. Then I came across the Ember mug. The temperature can be set to as high as 145 degrees, and the mug keeps my coffee warm for hours. Since I love this gadget so much, I bought more to give as gifts. It is one of those expensive things that seems ridiculous to purchase for someone else but I think it’s worth every penny. — Ashley Rockman Senior Parenting and Relationships Editor

Get it from Amazon for $129.95.

A Zojirushi rice cooker
We published an earlier story titled “The Last Chance” in January.Do You Really Need A Rice Cooker? The Answer Is Yes“I can attest to that.” Yes, I can make a delicious pot of rice from scratch if necessary, but the Zojirushi rice cooker does it perfectly without me having to watch it. You can set it up in minutes and the rice will stay warm until you’re ready to cook dinner. This is my favorite appliance of all time. It’s my favourite brand, even though I have tried others. — Kristen Aiken, Senior Food, Style and Shopping Editor

Get it from Amazon for $149.99 (originally $192).

These are our favorite KN95 masks
My favorite mask is one that I have never worn before. They are the best and most breathable masks that I have ever seen. These masks come with a nosepiece that allows you to adjust the shape of your face. They can also be used as a layer under a cloth mask for extra protection. KN95 masks can be used as an alternative to the medical-grade. They are my favorite masks. I wish they wouldn’t go out of stock. — Lindsay Holmes Senior Wellness and Travel Editor

Get a 25-pack from Amazon for $24.74.

A Yeti Hopper portable cooler
The Yeti cooler has been a lifesaver for me. This cooler keeps beverages and food extra chilled and is easy to carry around. This size is actually my favorite, and I have a larger one. This cooler is perfect for traveling with children. It has plenty of bottles and snacks. This cooler has served many purposes. It’s been useful for both family road trips and sister’s bachelorette parties. You can’t go wrong with this cooler if you need one. — Ashley Rockman Senior Parenting and Relationships Editor

Get it from Amazon for $249.98.

A Theragun mini
The Theragun Mini will be a lifesaver for anyone who is active and moves. The product has helped my muscles recover from exercise, my shoulder blades, and my back. It also helps me to keep my spine straight after doing a lot of work assembling a desk chair. It can be used on any part of your body, and it feels almost like you are getting deep tissue massages. This product feels so great and it is well worth the money. I can assure you that it is worth the investment. —Lindsay Holmes, Senior Wellness and Travel Editor

Get it from Therabody for $199.

Leggings for a bike with padded pockets
You probably know the reason these leggings are so important if your Peloton is used regularly. The padded leggings are a lifesaver for me. These leggings are not recommended for use by women who have trouble understanding the photos. The photo at the top? The red pads appear to be visible at the bottom of the pants. However, they are not. Amazon just wants you to see the inner padding. You’ll be able to look just like the one on the right. These are your best bet for a smooth, firm stomach. — Kristen Aiken, Senior Food, Style and Shopping Editor

Get them from Amazon for $33.99.

An Omnilux LED face mask
It was definitely the most expensive product I have ever bought, but so well-worth it. My dermatologist suggested LED red light therapy to reduce my rosacea. After doing a lot of research, the Omnilux Contour Face won my heart. You can easily fit the mask around your face and there is a 10-minute timer built in so that you won’t need to constantly monitor it. The treatment can also improve skin tone, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. When I used the treatment consistently, I noticed an improvement. — Lindsay Holmes, Senior Wellness and Travel Editor

Get it from Omnilux for $395.

A portable phone charger
I cannot go without my phone, no matter where I am, even if it’s on an abandoned train or the U.S. Open grounds. These places are known for draining your battery and leaving you unprepared. It’s small enough that I can keep it in my pocket and has a battery life of two days. This keeps me calm. — Kristen Aiken, Senior Food, Style and Shopping Editor

Get it from Amazon for $25.49.

Revitalash Advanced eyelash cream
A popular eyelash serum was tried by me for six months before I gave up. Revilash exceeded my expectations. After just one month, I noticed a noticeable increase in my lashes. How could I tell the difference? My swimming glasses’ lenses started to rub against my eyelashes. It has been a long time since I started using it. My lashes now have a naturally curled look, similar to the one in this photo. This product contains chemicals that can make people allergic so make sure to read the labels and consult your doctor before you buy it. — Kristen Aiken, Senior Food, Style and Shopping Editor

Get it from Revitalash for $150.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle with Straw Lid
Evidently, I love cups. The Hydro Flask keeps me hydrated, even though I’m breastfeeding. We all need water, but we do it! I don’t know what it is about this water bottle in particular that makes drinking water all day easier — I think it may have to do with the straw — but I’ve turned on my husband, sisters and friends to it and they all agree. You can also get it in tons of different colors. — Ashley Rockman Senior Parenting and Relationships Editor

Get it from Amazon for $48.84.

Coola organic Sun Silk drops SPF30
Practically, a daily transparent sunscreen with full-spectrum that’s not greasy and isn’t oily is a miracle. This lightweight, serum-style sunscreen has been my favorite this year. I love the dropper-style container, the breathable finish, and how it blends easily into my skin. It also contains bonus ingredients such as jojoba oil and vitamin E. This sunscreen protects skin from the sun while protecting it from damage by ultraviolet light. — Janie Campbell, Senior Editor, Money, Home & Living and Work/Life

Get it from Ulta for $46.

Future neck-coolers
It was amazing! Gee Thanks, Just Bought It This is the perfect summer item that I could not resist purchasing. A pale, freckled redhead who was raised to be averse to the sun throughout her whole life, this neck cooler is perfect for summer. The neck cooler is not only ridiculous, but also kind of cool. It is also quite quiet. Most importantly it cools you down. It is a wonderful thing. — Kristen Aiken, Senior Food, Style and Shopping Editor

Get it from Amazon for $27.79.

A Levoit humidifier
Each winter, my skin becomes shrivelled and I yearn for Florida when dry air did not exit. This humidifier is a great choice. The humidifier covers a lot of space (I have it in my bedroom) and has a night light as well as many adjustment options. It only takes me about two to three times to refill it. It’s easy to clean thanks to the top-fill design. The app reminds me every week to fill it up! It’s the only thing I use. — Lindsay Holmes, Senior Wellness and Travel Editor

Get it from Amazon for $69.99 .

Saie’s Slip Tint
The closest I’ve come to using makeup over the last year is this dewy-tinted moisturizer. The moisturizer has SPF 35 and is ultra-sheer (but enough coverage to cover redness). Regular foundation is something I will never wear again. You can get this in 14 colors! — Kristen Aiken, Senior Food, Style and Shopping Editor

Get it from Sephora for $32.

Athleta’s Conscious crop
The Conscious Crop by Athleta was my prestigious sports bra of choice this year. This bra is more comfortable than you think. I was able to use it for boxing and running as well as cycling, rowing, and other activities. In the summer, I wore it even as a shirt. You can get it in tons of colors, and the fabric is extremely soft. This is a great addition to any athleisure outfit. — Lindsay Holmes, Senior Wellness and Travel Editor

Get it from Athleta starting at $35.99. It’s also available for D-DD+ cup sizes.

Hair care products by Olaplex
Following Audrey Leighton RogersCreator of the amazing???? Audrey Leighton VintageOn Instagram, she began to notice her amazing hair transformations since the outbreak. Her tresses are now luminous. Following her, she shared that she used Olaplex hair products. This line claims it strengthens the hair’s bonds to prevent hair loss. Audrey swims in chlorinated pools 4-5 times per week. I am a swimmer who wears a cap and glasses that can cause breakage. What do you know? This stuff works like magic. It has made my hair feel soft and silky, with a light lemon and spruce scent. Although there are several products within the range, I only use four of them. — Kristen Aiken, Senior Food, Style and Shopping Editor

See the entire range of Olaplex products at Sephora, starting at $14.

World’s finest drain catcher
Concerning hair, I was undergoing serious treatments. seasonal shedding. Since I spent a lot time at my moms’ house during the pandemic I didn’t want my hair to go in the drain. OXO’s brilliant hair catcher sits in your shower bottom and keeps your hair safe from the drain. It’s easy to empty out every time you shower, and your hair will be clean as new. — Kristen Aiken, Senior Food, Style and Shopping Editor

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

The soothing face oil of Naturopathica Carrot Seed Soothing Oil
This face oil was gifted to me by a friend once. I have never regretted it. This oil keeps my skin hydrated, it doesn’t weigh too much and is very luxurious to use each night. It’s also clean, which I love! — Ashley Rockman Senior Parenting and Relationships Editor

Get it from Naturopathica for $68.

Tom’s Perfect 10
Tom’s Perfect 10: The “Birkin to granolas”,
You’re likely to have heard of the internet if you are a beginner. Eva ChenFollow us on Instagram. And it follows that you likely know all about her husband Tom Bannister’s love affair with creating the perfect granola, which has culminated in an insanely popular granola line (it has been called the “Birkin of granolas”). Tom’s Perfect 10 is the name of this brand’s innovative scorecard, which encourages customers’ feedback about each flavor. Either you sign up to the flavor-of-the month club, or you can buy individual flavors as an ad-hoc order. Pina Colada and Ginger Zing were two flavors I tried. Both are great for snacks, with lots of clusters. You can also eat it with milk because you’re still a child. — Kristen Aiken, Senior Food, Style and Shopping Editor

Sign up for a monthly subscription for $20/month.
Buy a bag of this month’s flavor (Ginger Zing) for $20.
A Philips Sonicare 6500 electric toothbrush
Do you actually brush your teeth every day for two minutes or more? Prior to this toothbrush I was not. Its QuadPacer technology allows me to determine how long I need to spend on each area of my mouth. My teeth now feel clean and sparkling every single day. It’s impossible to go back to the old toothbrush. — Kristen Aiken, Senior Food, Style and Shopping Editor

Get it from Amazon starting at $129.95.

Baggu face masks
Baggu’s fabric face mask is the perfect fit for me. The wire allows it to fit snugly on your nose and the accordion style conforms to your facial contours. They come in a variety of fun colors and prints, such as this colorful three-pack. — Kristen Aiken, Senior Food, Style and Shopping Editor

Get a three-pack from Baggu for $32.

Grout pen (it isn’t as bad as it sounds).
This grout pen can make your grout look new again by removing old grout lines from your walls and floors. You can choose from a variety of colors, but I prefer the white. Simply draw your grout lines over it and it will clean them up. It was used on my bathroom’s shower for 10 years and still works well. I also used it this year to clean my floors. You can get the best tile makeover ever for a fraction of the cost. — Kristen Aiken, Senior Food, Style and Shopping Editor

Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

Cute kids disposable face masks
At first, my fear was that my son wouldn’t be comfortable wearing a facemask every day when he started kindergarten. Two things are to be credited for my son’s success: 1) His amazing teachers, and 2) These fun disposable masks. The cotton reusable masks didn’t appeal to him and his school work is so messy with sand paint and other messes, it was more practical for him to have disposables. There are so many cute designs! — Ashley Rockman Senior Parenting and Relationship Editor

Get a 50-pack from Amazon for $12.99.

For small spaces, a sleek and compact shoe rack
My apartment measures 400 square feet. I still have 40 shoes. Yamazaki’s vertical, portable shoe rack is a blessing for me. I could hide most of the shoes away, but it has worked wonders for the few pairs that I use regularly. This rack is small enough to fit in my entryway, and light enough that it can easily be moved elsewhere. Although the cost may seem high for such a minimalist product, the aesthetic value and space it provides has made it totally worthwhile. — Kristen Aiken, Senior Food, Style and Shopping Editor

Get it from Amazon for $46.15.

Gorgeous laptop table
The modern World Market side table is an excellent choice for your living room. This side table is a hit with everyone. It can also be used as a laptop stand (guilty) and for dining in front of the television (also guilty). — Lindsay Holmes, Senior Wellness and Travel Editor

Get it from World Market for $149.99.

An estudfinder (not THIS kind).
Yes, both types of studs are what I am looking for. The ones that are in the wall, however, have turned out to be the better. Much moreIf you own one of these tools, it will be easier for you to find what you need. You can save a lot of trouble if you are the type of person that likes to hang shelves and picture frames yourself. Craftsman’s stud finder is very affordable! — Kristen Aiken, Senior Food, Style and Shopping Editor

Get it from Amazon for $10.98.
A Capri Blue volcano capiz jar candle
The candle transforms my whole apartment into a luxury hotel. It burns so fast that it’s almost unbelievable. My candle has been with me for over a year and I have still got plenty (just remember to trim the wick). It’s beautiful and will go well with any decor. It is a great gift idea and I highly recommend it. — Lindsay Holmes, Senior Wellness and TravelEditor

Get it from Anthropologie for $34.

NuFace Trinity Skin-Finding Device
Since before COVID I was a bit hesitant about getting a facial. Also, my skin has been very dry for several years. Prime Day saw me take advantage of a NuFace Trinity sale, which is arguably the best device that can tone, contour and firm my skin. experts can back up the microcurrent technology). Although it’s an expensive option, I find that I am able to spend 10 minutes every night on a facial. This allows me to save money over facials which can cost upwards of $100 per session. — Kristen Aiken, Senior Food, Style and Shopping Editor

Get it from Amazon for $288.15 (originally $339).

A yarn winder and swift is essential for serious knitters.
A giant spinning wheel made of wood that looks like it’s on a big carnival ride might be what you see in a yarn shop. The yarn swift is also known as a yarn swivel (left). It saves serious knitters many hours trying to wind yarn from hanks. This works in contrast to cheaper yarn which, often for some reason, come pre-wound. The yarn swift collapses into a flat sheet that can be slid underneath your bed.

Get the wooden yarn swift from Amazon for $28.85.

Can you see that the yarn swift is making the yarn ball using a small plastic device on the left? It’s called a “yarn winder” and is the perfect companion for a yarn swift. Both are essential if you want to get the best. — Kristen Aiken, Senior Food, Style and Shopping Editor

Get the yarn winder from Amazon for $37.88.

Kelly Swedish grass-fed beef protein powder Be Well
Morning smoothies are a subject that I enjoy and hate, but I’m now loving them. This protein powder is by far my favourite. The cleanest source of collagen protein, it’s made from grass-fed beef with 23g protein per scoop. The chocolate flavor is also great for making protein hot chocolates, when you want something sweet and filling. — Ashley Rockman Senior Parenting and Relationship Editor

Get it from Amazon for $59.99 for 30 servings.


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