Local news reports say that a vehicle drove into a Waukesha Christmas parade on Sunday afternoon.

Around 4:40 PM local time, dozens of emergency personnel responded to the scene. The event was captured livestreaming on YouTube. It shows a red SUV speeding along the parade route and disturbing those in the crowd. Soon after, a police car is seen speeding through the crowd before people begin dispersing.

A Waukesha police official told HuffPost that the department couldn’t provide any details but was responding to reports of the incident. The spokesperson from the Waukesha fire department did not respond immediately to HuffPost’s request for comment.

According to local reporters, it appears that multiple people wereUnverified reports have stated that shots were fired on the ground soon after the incident. Numerous families attended the event, many of them with their young children.

Kaylee Staral was an intern with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and she attended the parade Sunday. According to her, CNN the SUV came “running down the middle of the street” and hit “a lot of people.”

“After the SUV left, there were multiple people on the ground, and the police came through a little later saying at least 30 on the ground,” Staral said. She added that the car was going “very fast.”

Waukesha’s Christmas Parade is an annual tradition that dates back more than 50 year. It takes place about 17 miles from downtown Milwaukee. It is located in the city describes it as a holiday tradition that brings together “local civic groups, business, schools, public services and entertainers each year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.”

Photos posted on the city’s Instagram account showed many people sitting on the curb just off the parade route.

The theme this year was “comfort and joy.”

Wisconsin residents were on edge for days after Kyle Rittenhouse was found innocent of killing two people at a Black Lives Matter protest last summer. Rittenhouse had been indicted on Friday. Following the verdict, protests have been largely peacefulThe trial took place in Kenosha (Wisconsin),

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Source: HuffPost.com.

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